Moritzburg Festival Academy

1-14 August 2022: Moritzburg, Germany

Chamber music and orchestral performances in Schloss Neuhardenberg, König Albert Theater, Frauenkirche Dresden, Terrace Schloss Moritzburg, and Proschwitzer Schlosspark


Orchestral repertoire:
Felix Mendelssohn Hebrides Overture, Vivaldi Double Cello Concerto (with Jan Vogler and Hayoung Choi), J.S. Bach Double Violin Concerto (with Mira Wang and Kevin Zhu), Brahms Violin Concerto (with Midori), Beethoven Symphony No. 7

Chamber repertoire:
Felix Mendelssohn String Quartet Op.44 No. 1, Pavel Haas String Quartet No. 1

Woobeen Cha, violin (Haas)
Yongmin Jeong, violin (Mendelssohn)
Liliya Milcheva, violin (Mendelssohn)
Luca Sakon, violin (Haas)
Josef Viorel Drăguş, cello (Mendelssohn)
Dale Jeong, cello (Haas)

Dress rehearsal in the Frauenkirche with Midori

Happy viola, happy violist

Pre-Pavel Haas with Dale

Sunset on the castle moat

Dress rehearsal in Bad Elster

Mid-Mendelsson with Josef

In the Haas zone

Dress rehearsal faces with Eden

Dresden Frauenkirche

With Luca, Dale, and Woobeen after a successful open-air Haas performance


In the crypt of the Frauenkirche

Moments before Mendelssohn

With Zhenjie, World's Greatest Roommate

Moritzburg in the evening

More schnitzel