Kodály International Music Competition

17-26 June 2022: Debrecen, Hungary

Live rounds of international violin/viola/cello competition, held at the Kodály Hall of the Music School of Debrecen

Kristóf Baráti, Anne Shih: violin
Vladimír Bukač, Wilfried Strehle, Máté Szűcs: viola
Denis Severin, István Várdai: cello
Imre Kollár, Dániel Somogyi-Tóth: conductors


Solo repertoire:
J.S. Bach Suite 4 (Prelude/Sarabande), Paganini Caprice 21

Chamber repertoire:
Brahms E-flat Sonata, Kodaly Adagio

Emese Mali, piano

With Philipp in Hungary

Pizza in Hungary

Hungry for pizza with Philipp in Hungary

Stuffed meat and pickles

Action shot from first round

Goulash and beer

Currywurst is the best

Waffle sandwich

Semi-final round action shot

Bacon-wrapped sausages

More sausage

My kind of breakfast

Goulash with spaetzle